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FERNE Sponsors Randomized Controlled Trial to Improve Head CT Interpretation with Joshua Broder, MD

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FERNE Mission Statement

The Foundation for the Education and Research in Neurological Emergencies is an independent not-for-profit organization committed to the following principles:

  • Patients with neurologic emergencies deserve quality emergency care.
  • The emergency care for neurologic emergencies can be enhanced through quality scientific research.
  • Emergency medical care providers can provide optimal medical care for patients with neurological emergencies through participation in quality medical education that highlights state-of-the-art neurologic care.

Contact Information

FERNE Educational Meetings


          Hypertensive Emergency Patients

          SIM Wars Competition

EMA 2010

          Ischemic Stroke Patient Management

Clinical Decisions 2010

          ACEP Clinical Policy: Adult Headaches

          Hypertension Emergencies

          Neurological Emergencies



          Use of tPA in Ischemic Stroke

          SIM Wars Competition

EMA 2009

          Extended tPA Time Window

5th MEMC 2009

          Optimal Rx Neuro Patients

          Agitated Patient Panel

          Additional FERNE Lectures


EMRA Mid-Atlantic Student Symposium 2009


     Clinical Policies for Neuro Emergencies

     SIM Wars Competition

Neurocritical Care Society 2008

          EM Documentation

          SIM Wars Competition

UIC EM 2008

          Research Lectures

EMA 2008
Clinical Decisions 2008:
ED TIA Patient Management
     FERNE Case Conference and Panel
SAEM 2008
         Neuro Resuscitation Research
         Neuro Imaging in Stroke
AAEM 2008

          Brain Illness Course

          Seizure Pt Workshop

UIC EM 2007

          Acute Coronary Syndromes

          Seizures and SE

          Neuroemergencies Archives

IEME 2007

          Ischemic Stroke

Research Lectures 2007

Mt Sinai 2007

          Neuroresuscitation Journal club


EMRA (ACEP) 2007

          Ischemic Stroke


EMA 2007

          Hypertensive Emergencies


          Seizures and Status Epilepticus


4th MEMC 2007

          Brain Illness and Injury Course

          Ischemic Stroke

          Seizures and Status Epilepticus

          Traumatic Brain Injury


Clinical Decisions 2007

          Seizures and Status Epilepticus

          Ischemic Stroke

FERNE 10th Anniversary

          Long Range Planning


EMRA (SAEM) 2007

          Seizures and Status Epilepticus


St. Catherine 2007

          Lightning Injuries


          Seizures and Status Epilepticus

          Ischemic Stroke

          Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury

          Hypothermic Resuscitation

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FERNE Panel Discussion

"Care of the Ill and Agitated Patient"

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